Strawberry Rhubarb Galette


How beautiful is this?! I lurve rhubarb and can’t wait to try this. Something tells me it won’t be as pretty but taste is everything.


I’m fighting against the seasonal clock to make as many rhubarb infested treats as possible. The window is short. Too short. I nearly broke out in sweat on a cool 70° morning at the farmer’s market this week. Was I late? Where’s all the rhubarb? Oh, it was there alright. At the very last stand.

Right across from the flowers I snatched up to keep our last couple of weeks in Oak Park, in what should be our box-filled condo, pretty. I guess you could say we haven’t started packing yet.

There’s too many people to see, projects to finish, and galettes to bake. Case in point. This little gem is semi-healthy. I prefer galettes to be rustic and wheaty. So I’ve snuck in some oat and wheat flour without compromising that delicate flakiness we all love. Just beyond the crust sits tart rhubarb and sweet strawberry and orange. They come together…

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