DIY Pallet Patio Table


Again, after combing through pinterest looking for our next project I stumbled across a PALLET patio table. PERFECT!! We need patio furniture badly, and by badly I mean we had folding chairs and a flat fold down table that we brought out on occasion. I want somewhere to go outside and take a breather, watch the kiddos run through the sprinklers while sipping on a tropical oasis. We had been to several big box stores and almost broke down numerous times to buy a patio dining set for around $400. Yep thats right $400 and that was a mediocre set. Geeeesh, those things are wayyyyyyyyy over priced in my opinion. So upon showing my darling fiance the inspiring picture of a similiar project he set out and found 2 same sized pallets in decent shape, they were the natural wood color, I didn’t take pictures of before :o( next time…

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Personalized Bottles


The outdoor vinyl idea is really terrific! We found a crazy bargain on beautiful aluminum water bottles at the Dollar Store and picked up 12 of them (we lose at least three to the soccer goblins every year). I hate marking them up with Sharpie and love this labeling idea..

Completely Type A

My outdoorsy friend needed some birthday gifts, and the Silhouette (and me, of course) came to the rescue.  With a little outdoor vinyl and a quick trip to R.E.I. (“mommy’s store”, as my kids call it) we came up with this simple, personalized gift.

I’ve also labeled all my kids sippy cups so that they don’t get lost.  They go in the dishwasher just fine!


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The Provision Room

All our food was grown or raised within 100 miles of the dinner!  Such a wonderful abundance of LOCAL food!  We encourage you to frequent your local farmers markets and food artisans.  Sow your grocery money intentionally–to feed the body and support the community you love!

To view a Google Map with the names and locations of all our vendors, please click here.

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I am so happy!


Thanks for following my blog. I am thrilled to have you here and look forward to bringing you along on my journey of learning and implementing more whole food and slow food to my family. It won’t be a sudden switch – I’ve found those kinds of things never stick. I will however be making small changes that I hope add up to health, well-being and happiness. I believe nourishing food, mindfulness and awareness of our unique contribution to the planet is the key to peace. Learning and experiencing joy along the way is the only way I change my habits. I plan for us to have fun – nothing too preachy, lots of pretty pictures and how-tos, and, above all,  a fearless appreciation for the things I love about life. Thank you for being in the conversation!