DIY Pallet Patio Table


Again, after combing through pinterest looking for our next project I stumbled across a PALLET patio table. PERFECT!! We need patio furniture badly, and by badly I mean we had folding chairs and a flat fold down table that we brought out on occasion. I want somewhere to go outside and take a breather, watch the kiddos run through the sprinklers while sipping on a tropical oasis. We had been to several big box stores and almost broke down numerous times to buy a patio dining set for around $400. Yep thats right $400 and that was a mediocre set. Geeeesh, those things are wayyyyyyyyy over priced in my opinion. So upon showing my darling fiance the inspiring picture of a similiar project he set out and found 2 same sized pallets in decent shape, they were the natural wood color, I didn’t take pictures of before :o( next time…

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