Day 6 Fried Egg Caprese


Always gotta go with a pretty egg dish!

Kali & Huru


So… today’s breakfast is coming at y’all a little late because we FINALLY went grocery shopping! I mean we were getting to that desperate point of eating peanut butter and tuna because we didn’t have any food left. If you haven’t noticed, the past few breakfast’s have been sweet dishes, which is not what I usually tend to go for first thing in the morning. I’m more of a savory foods person first thing in the morning because anything too sweet makes me a little queasy. But, i’m excited to finally have more variety to choose from because yesterday’s post of Whole Wheat Waffles literally cleaned out our pantry. It used the last of our butter, eggs, wheat flour, vanilla extract, milk, baking powder, and brown sugar. See, I wasn’t lying, we were at the bare minimum on food. It’s nothing a little trip to the grocery store can’t fix. So in…

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