Natural Fixes for Low Energy


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Next time you’re dragging, take advantage of the full power of your senses to kick your body and mind into high gear.

Listening to upbeat music for about an hour a day can help reduce fatigue.

Does the thought of socializing make you want to crawl in bed? Put yourself in a mingling mood by rubbing something smooth on your hands.

Yellow, orange and lilac are the colors most closely linked with a healthy mood. Try using these tones on your walls or around the room to increase alertness.

The smell of peppermint or cinnamon can reduce stress. Rub a drop of one of these essential oils onto your wrists when your energy level starts to slump.

A mix of cooling and tangy citrus flavors can up your energy by activating nerves in the mouth, throat, and nose that trigger brain activity.

 Source: Women’s Health

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