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In 2008, the Food and Drug Administration approved as safe for consumption, meat and milk from cloned animals. The Department of Agriculture has placed a moratorium on clones, but not their offspring. Additionally, no special “clone” label is required on products from clones or the cloned offspring.

Untested nanotechnology is also being used in more than 100 US food products, food packaging and contact materials currently on the shelf without warning or FDA testing.

The properties of nanoparticles are governed by quantum mechanics, yet nanoparticles can be found today in the produce section of large grocery store chains and vegetable wholesalers.

Supermarkets currently stock an unknown amount of nano-food products, and there is no mandatory product labeling requirement in the U.S.

Although the FDA denies nano-food products are sold in the U.S., some of the agency’s own safety experts dispute the FDA’s official claim and reference scientific studies published in…

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