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Favourite Comfort Food: Fried Egg Spaghetti

This recipe makes one portion. It’s perfect food when you’re alone and there’s no one about to hear your slurping and low sighs of pleasure. And not unexpectedly, there’s a brief story behind this one.

I knew a guy who ate fried egg spaghetti six out of seven days a week. On the seventh day, he gave it a rest, and popped down the street to the local cafe to buy a huge bowl of “bottomless” (free refills) chilli for less than the price of a large coffee nowadays. That was the late 60s: it was a different time and there was a different perspective on life. It was also a time when the young smoked anything that would ignite, and everything tasted better for it. Fried egg spaghetti is still comforting and tastes just a good, even though I’m nearly tea-total and don’t…

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