Red, White, and Blue Dessert Nachos (With Fresh Berries and Coconut Cream)


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The Scrumptious Pumpkin

Independence Day was one of my favorite holidays as a kid.

If my family didn’t spend the day at the beach (on the coast of Maine), we went to my aunt’s house for a huge family cookout with lots of fresh seafood.

For me, the holiday meant lots of swimming, running around barefoot, laughing with friends and family, and eating tons of fresh summer dishes.

So I wanted to create a dessert as light, easy, and carefree as all those holiday traditions.

These dessert nachos are patriotic with all the red, white, and blue ingredients (you can even cut the sweet nacho chips into star shapes).

They’re quick and simple to prepare (with minimal baking because it’s just too hot for that!)

They also taste really sweet, summer-y, and wonderful.

I think the only thing better than Fresh Summer Berries is Fresh Summer Berries served with sweet cinnamon crisps, smothered…

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