New Page: My Favorite Blogs


Saved for my reference to go back and check out!

Just Makin' Do

Kind of as celebration, also as a thank you and foremost, so I can find all these great places more easily, I’ve created a new page with my favorite online places.  Today I added my favorite blogs.  Since I didn’t have any favorite blogs before I started writing my own, I created this list from visitors (liking or commenting) on my blog.  I love this new community and I’ve gotten to know some of you pretty well too!  Thank you for the inspiration and support.  I look forward to featuring more of your posts soon!

My Favorite Blogs

The Naturally Frugal Homemaker

Budgeting, healthy meal ideas, homemade cleaning products, she’s got it all!

Chocolate Covered Katie

A fantastic resource for healthy (yet so decadent) dessert recipes.

Maggie’s One Butt Kitchen

The most fantastic, mouth-watering blog.  There are some simple (for us non-pastry chef types) recipes too that turn out wonderfully!

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