Seared cauliflower, broccoli and burrata pasta


Two Spoons

There is something gloriously comforting about the triad of broccoli, cauliflower, and some sort of cheese. Originally I wasn’t going to bother posting this because I feel like any pasta dish with vegetables and cheese is almost too obvious, simple, and easy but hey – this is the sort of thing that you generally yearn for at the end of a long day. Something you can throw together in twenty minutes, that is utterly wonderful. Anyway, this was still pretty exciting for me because I had never tried burrata before, but after seeing this pasta with burrata and kale roasted garlic sauce from Five and Spice, I was intrigued.

Burrata is like a big knotted ball of fresh white mozzarella, with a super creamy centre. I used Paesanella cheese – the cows eat grass and hay 95% of the time in Western Australia, and the flavour definitely reflects that.*…

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