Tiny Houses – My Latest Pinning Obsession


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Every so often I go on a Pinterest “research quest”… okay, it’s bingeing, and honestly, when I get excited, it’s hard to stop. So my latest obsession is…

Tiny houses.

Now, I’ve recently become a fan of the idea of minimalism, in that you shouldn’t have more than you need. But… the style of minimalism I find rather barren, unwelcoming, rigid, uncomfortable, etc. The compromise?

Finding the amount of space and possessions that is just enough for comfortable and happy.

That means to me a place for my books, my butt, my beau, and my food (with no compromise on the bathtub… it’s necessary for happiness). So, while daydreaming about if/when I get out of college and need a house, my latest pinnery looks like this…

Handbuilt Tiny Home with Loft  Outdoor Space     Love the shelf around the top of the wall!    Wow inside an A Frame. Nice and cozy.

The interiors of these “tiny homes” generally contain a living area, bathroom, and kitchen on the first level and…

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