Tiny Houses – My Latest Pinning Obsession


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Every so often I go on a Pinterest “research quest”… okay, it’s bingeing, and honestly, when I get excited, it’s hard to stop. So my latest obsession is…

Tiny houses.

Now, I’ve recently become a fan of the idea of minimalism, in that you shouldn’t have more than you need. But… the style of minimalism I find rather barren, unwelcoming, rigid, uncomfortable, etc. The compromise?

Finding the amount of space and possessions that is just enough for comfortable and happy.

That means to me a place for my books, my butt, my beau, and my food (with no compromise on the bathtub… it’s necessary for happiness). So, while daydreaming about if/when I get out of college and need a house, my latest pinnery looks like this…

Handbuilt Tiny Home with Loft  Outdoor Space     Love the shelf around the top of the wall!    Wow inside an A Frame. Nice and cozy.

The interiors of these “tiny homes” generally contain a living area, bathroom, and kitchen on the first level and…

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Tiny Sanctuary



Minimalism and simplicity.

Those are two words I have come to live by. While yes, I tend to be quite messy at times, the idea of living simply and not having unnecessary gadgets is so appealing to me.

Recently I watched a documentary on Netflix called Tiny: A Story About Living Small, and was genuinely inspired to create a tiny home. I’ve always had this desire to live small after having a completely transforming epiphany about minimalism.

Quite the spiritual journey, it began during the season of lent when I decided to give up my wardrobe. For 40 days I wore two shirts, a jacket, a pair of beaten up Sperry’s and quite simply that was it. I realized through that experience that I didn’t need (or really want) most of the things I had. So I immediately went into cleaning mode and rid my closet of just about…

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Watermelon-Mint-Cucumber Fizz


Farm, Foodie & Fitness

watermelon (1) Photo credit: http://www.soupergirl.com

Perfect for a hot summer day, this isn’t your typical plain-ole tap water! Put a spin on your water intake with this Watermelon-Mint-Cucumber Fizz! You’re bound to fall in love!

Makes 2-3 Servings

  •  ½ cup pureed watermelon
  •  ¼ cup  fresh peppermint
  •  ¼ cup chopped, peeled cucumber
  •  1 cup sparkling water
  •  2 sprigs of mint for garnish
  • Ice

In a blender puree watermelon, cucumber, and mint. Pour sparking water into a pitcher. Add ice and watermelon, cucumber mixture. Stir. Pour into ball jars and garnish with sprigs of mint.

photo credit: www.theblondcook.com photo credit: http://www.theblondcook.com

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Gardener’s Green Shakshuka


food to glow

green shakshukaThis post should have been subtitled, “How To Deal with a Glut of Greens.”

The long and short of it is that I have planters and planters full of green things. Big green things. Sword-like black kale, great frothy tufts of curly kale (redbore and Pentland), umbrella-like rainbow and Swiss chards, two types of sorrel (Buckler leaf and some mysterious big-leafed variety) as well as wine boxes of over-spilling herbs. {The less said about the black pak choi, the better.}. I have other bits and bobs growing in the garden, but it is pretty much a case of macheteing back the rampant greens to get to these smaller, less bold edibles.

I am not bragging here. I have done nothing other than sow some seeds and plant them out in bought compost. I’ve not fed, clothed or otherwise shaped their upbringing. Save for early morning slug patrol when all were in their vulnerable infancy, I…

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Caprese Quinoa Bake


Lea & Jay


Swampy summer is in full swing here in Virginia. Some folks were talking about a polar vortex showing up to cool things off a bit, but it must have taken a detour because it definitely has not whirled itself anywhere near here yet! It is Oppressive out there! I think my friend’s little girl described it best when she stepped outside and said “Feels like dog breath in my face.” Yup. That is pretty much it. So big heavy meals aren’t particularly appealing to me now. Light and fresh is what is called for and I think I’ve found just the thing. This Caprese Quinoa Bake with its roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar drizzle practically screams summer. The good things about summer that is…not the dog breath things. I must admit, I’m a new comer to Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah). Sure I’ve seen it around and…

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Chilli and Nutmeg Dark Chocolate Bark



chilli dark chocolate bark

When one really takes time to delve into all things festive it quickly becomes clear that it is unlikely that there will ever be an end to Christmastime culinary possibility. In fact, it turns out that it’s dreadfully difficult to keep one’s blog up-to-date with all that is being produced. The weather is the entity most at fault here, but what can one do? It’s difficult to castigate the weather – it makes a mockery of us all.

Following on from my recent monologue regarding presents and the meaning of Christmas, a little gifting advice may be necessary. For those of you that weren’t aware, chocolate is always a safe bet – is there anyone who doesn’t covet one form of chocolate or another? It is in this spirit that I bring you my recipe for chilli and nutmeg dark chocolate bark; it is both frugal and spectacularly delicious. Perhaps…

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