Cricket is Here!


Cane is back from Idaho with the new (to us) sailboat. It was launched yesterday and is now moored safely in its slip. A quick trip to the marine supply store for my new lifejacket resulted in a spending spree the likes of which I have not seen since before the economy blew a gasket. Surely everything we now own was desperately needed, no? I have heard about boats becoming money-pits and all I can say is that we are committed to getting every last drop of fun out of this little baby. The fireworks over the water are gorgeous here and we may go to the marina and have a little boat picnic while enjoying the show. We picked up a crabpot and I have beenĀ absorbing everything I can about crabbing techniques and the fish and game rules here in our corner of the world. While it will never amount to Deadliest Catch, I am obsessed with the locavore aspect of this new hobby. Aye-aye, Captain!