Broccoli, Cheddar, and Sausage Breakfast Casserole


With all of our eggs (the ladies are doing good by us!), this breakfast looks so incredible and relatively easy for food on the go for the boys. I’m thinking I will put this in individual cups for single-handed eating – this will certainly get me some Mom of the Year points, no?

Inspiration: Week day breakfasts can be challenging for us in the mornings because there just isn’t an overload of extra time. I’m truly a breakfast lover, so I’d love to whip up individual omelets, sweet potato hash browns, and a fruit salad every day, but it’s just not feasible (not to mention that we really don’t need nearly that much food in the way of breakfast on the week day mornings). I like to bake a breakfast casserole every now and then on a Sunday afternoon as a great solution. They’re dead simple to make, and then we have breakfast for most of the week. We just cut out a couple of pieces in the morning, throw them into the microwave, and end up with a great and nutritious breakfast.

What We Loved: I really enjoyed this nice and fluffy breakfast casserole because it has a couple of…

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