Back in Action!


It’s hard to believe it’s been so long that I’ve neglected my blog but I am back in the saddle so to speak. We are up to 14 chickens – 6 hens and 8 pullets and enjoying a much larger coop and yard. We moved to a larger home in early spring which is a time-consuming endeaver. Our urban homesteading venture is getting fully underway again and we are excited about it.


Egg Production


It’s been 9 days since we moved three new chickens into our little urban farm. Even with the stress of riding up the freeway in their coop and being somewhat manhandled by an enthusiastic 9-year-old boy, these ladies got right to work. Our total production has reached 20 (!!) eggs. Pretty crazy, right? Given that we were given a very large bag of food for free when we picked up the chickens, this has cost us nothing except for the elbow grease of keeping the coop clean. Unfortunately we bought five dozen eggs at Costco a few days before we made the decision to bring these already laying chickens home. We’ve been eating a lot of quiche! Tonight we will have pasta carbonara. We can hardly wait to get through the Costco eggs and get started on the fresh free-range eggs from our ladies.